About me

I am a student throughout life, specially for learning new technologies. At the same time, making progress in my career is an important factor as I gather more knowledge and experience. I look for win-win work culture and perfect alignment of interests between the employer and the employee, where one’s benefit lies in the other one’s growing.

My PhD project (2017-2020) was in Université Grenoble Alpes, France. It involved several aspects of power electronic research (modeling, design, control, optimization, prototyping and validation). Designing & building a full-scale prototype and hardware-in-the-loop validation on real-time simulators were the other parts of my project. Since April 2021, I am with Valeo eAutomotive France. As a system architect, I work on real-time simulators and future generations of our products.

In addition to electrical engineering, I am passionate about programming and software development. I have dedicated a major part of my time and energy to these fields. Financial markets, blockchain, web3, quantum computing, smart contracts, and interactive messenger robots are some examples.